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Sexy Men’s Swimwear




Part 1:  Styling for the occasion


Sexy men’s swimwear is definitely not a new thing.

What is new is more and more men going for the sexy beach look. This comes from living in a world of selfies and social media popularity.

Did you know that in older days, men’s swimwear was designed in a way that it covered the chest?

Yes, men too had to keep themselves covered outside of all-male groups. They were prohibited from going bare-chested.

Doesn’t sound fun, does it?

Men’s swimwear nowadays is much different.

It’s exciting and it’s sexy.

So why do so many men out there refuse to shop for the right swimwear for themselves?

If you think making an effort to look sexy at the beach is not too manly, that is probably one reason why you’re not getting the looks your body deserves!

Real men tend to take care of their appearance and there is nothing not manly about it.

You should look good at the beach, for yourself and for whoever you’re trying to impress.

Even if you have that smokin’ hot beach bod, you will not look good if your swimwear is unflattering.

Now, we understand that shopping for some men can be a daunting task. This is why we have come up with a quick guide for sexy men’s swimwear.

The Sexy Men’s Swimwear Styles….and the not so sexy ones



These are one of the most popular types of swimwear.

They look like shorts but are generally made from polyester or nylon that are light and quick-drying and have a tighter-fitting lining inside the shorts.

There is a wide range of fits, colors, styles and brands in trunks to suit everyone’s tastes.

If you want a slightly tighter fit overall, you can go for European trunks as well.

Board shorts

These come to or past the knees, which makes them a longer version of trunks. They have non-elastic waist but fit close to the torso.

They were originally designed for board sports like surfing, with less material so it wouldn’t catch as the surfer mounted the board.

Board shorts that go past the knee allow surfers to straddle the board in water and perform complicated trips.

Board shorts are definitely not your best choice when it comes to showing off your body.

But if you want to show off your body more, then don’t go for the broad shorts that go past the knees.

Swim briefs

Now that is sexy swimwear!


Also popular as speedos, they are tight, body hugging swimsuits.

The front is V-shaped that bares the thighs. Swim briefs that are for recreational purposes generally have an interior lining.

They are more popular in Europe and South America than in UK and North America.

Square-Cut Shorts

The underwear of James Bond!

It was worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and has since become very popular.

It is a fitted style that covers the upper thigh and waist.

The style is cut straight across the leg which gives it a box-like look. This makes it less revealing than angled swim briefs but makes it look very sexy.

Some men might think that square-cut swimwear is not very manly but it actually highlights your masculine parts so you look manlier in them.

Hot Men’s Swimwear Guide


Part 2: Shopping as a fashion-forward man


Now that you know the different kind of swimwear out there, you need a couple of tips before you actually go out to buy sexy men’s swimwear.

It is easier to buy a swimsuit that it is to buy some other menswear.

You don’t need a tailored, perfect fit.

The main thing is that the suit stays up when you dive in. Or you could end up with an embarrassing situation that you will likely never forget.

That said, you cannot just grab the cheapest swimsuit off the shelf and go with it.

You need to pick a swimsuit that accentuates your body and suits you.

If you want to look sexy and don’t want to spend too much time picking your trunks: your safest bet is:

Swimming Briefs

It will make you happy and you will not only feel sexy, you will look VERY sexy too.

The thing with brief swimsuits is that you do not necessarily need to have the gym body.

Just the fact that it accentuates the male parts so much will turn heads at the beach!

Personal Preference

What you wear reflects your personality. Meaning, if you are a little conservative, you won’t feel comfortable in bright colors or prints.

Whether you are the outgoing who has thousands of Instagram followers and loves colorful prints, or the more conservative type:

it is important to wear something that really fits your personality and mood.

Some of us can get too excited about shopping swimwear that simply looks nice.

We then realize it is something too tight or small and we do not feel comfortable wearing it in front of others. Specially around families at the beach.

It’s also best to avoid snug briefs if you don’t want to display all that you’ve got.

At HUNK² we design colorful and less vivid styles. Both will make you look hot in a different way.

Low-rise swimsuits are, generally, a great way to look sexy because they will fit low on your hips, accentuating your body.

The Key Things to Select The Killer Swimsuit


The length of your shorts is also important because you need to keep in mind that longer –board short style- swimsuits will not make you look any more masculine than shorter, sexier trunks.

However, there is some considerations related to your body type that you should indeed keep in mind.

For trunks, be aware of your height and then decide how much legs you actually want to show.

The taller you are, the longer your shorts will be.

Color / Skin Tone

You can pick the color of your choice but you should consider your skin tone beforehand so you don’t end up with a color that clashes horribly and makes you look funny. And do try to avoid neon so you don’t blind someone in the sun.

  • For light skin, avoid loud, bright colors. Go for a royal blue or brilliant shade of pastel that won’t clash horribly.
  • For the olive medium skin tone, earth tone, black and rich red are great choices.
  • Bright colors and pastels are good for the darker skin tones.




It is best to pick your swimwear according to your planned activities. Wear loose shorts only if you do not plan to actually get in the water.

If you want swimwear with least resistance, don’t wear a loose fitted one and go straight for the tight fit.




While nylon and polyester are good materials for swimsuits, lycra is best if you’re going for the sexy look. It is very fitting but very elastic so it won’t feel very tight.

It is also very strong and durable so it makes great, sexy swimsuits.

At Hunk² we use only premium quality South American lycra of higher quality than Asian lycra used by other well-known brands.

We really know what sexy men’s swimwear is all about.

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We design thinking only of you and always strike the balance between top quality, comfort, and design!


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