Apollo Smoke²



It’s time to look smoking hot with Hunk²’s newest member of the Apollo collection: Apollo Smoke².

Designed to give you that touch of class when you go to the gym, Apollo Smoke² will make you look smoking hot.

It combines premium soft, elastic gray fabrics with nylon finishes and a low-rise cut. Apollo Feu² was designed to give you all the comfort that you need during your workouts. Two carefully selected fabrics join at stategic places to give you extra mobility during your workout. This product is a piece of sophistication on its own.

Apollo Smoke² lacks the wide, heavy logo waist elastics, that most underwear in the market has, to give you extra comfort. At Hunk², your comfort comes before branding efforts. These briefs feature a delicate piece of nickel jewelry with the modest version of the Hunk² logo. No loose tags will give you added comfort.

The elasticity in the fabrics adapts to your body and will make you feel good without causing the annoying skinfolds that other briefs with thick elastics bring. That means extra bragging rights when you take your shirt off.

Because at Hunk² we think that sexy and athletic should go together, Apollo Smoke² is the next generation of designer sports underwear!

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions N/A

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Composition & Care

Fabric Composition:
82% Nylon 12% Elastane 6% Polyester

Care instructions:

* Machine wash: cold and gentle.
* Do not bleach.
* Do not tumble dry.
* Do not iron.
* Do not dryclean.


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