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If You’ve Ever Worn Men’s Thongs You Will Read Below and Say YES 



Be confident, be sexy, wear one…


Are you a man who is not afraid of feeling sexier wearing thong underwear?


you would like to wear quality thongs that also make you feel classy?

Here’s the problem:

Most underwear brands are very focused on designing trunks and briefs.

Men’s thongs are a side product and most brands do not put a lot of effort to their thongs fabrics and designs.


We, thong lovers, are not at a loss…

HUNK² was started by underwear lovers like you, and we wanted to change things.

Check our products and we promise that you will see:

  • Fabrics better than any you will EVER see in a thong

  • Cuts and designs to enhance your manhood

  • Classy underwear that beats any other in the market

These ideas come together in what we called HUNK² Chaos collection!

Thongs for Men Hunk2


Before you go shopping, there are a few UNIQUE things about HUNK² men’s thongs that you should know…

Thongs for Men: are they the new thing?

Nope. Thongs for men are not a new trend. Simply: most men dare to wear them and show them off.

Most men just prefer their basic black and white boxer-briefs, but HUNK² designs only with sophisticated, sexy men in mind. We always work to bring the confident YOU!

What kind of men wear thongs?

Sophisticated men have realized that they want to look sexier in their underwear and they know that thongs are absolutely not only for the ladies. The result? Men’s thongs and g-strings have become more and more popular among both gay and straight men.

Thongs are the ultimate sexy underwear and are surprisingly very comfortable:

you just wear them and feel so free that you forget you are wearing anything whatsoever.

How does it feel wearing a thong?

Wearing a thong is a feeling of freedom…

Either wearing thongs or g-strings, there is a feeling of risk and adventure when you wear them that will bring a funny touch to your underwear drawer.

Whether you were looking to buy cheap thongs for guys or the most premium ones, if you want to experience their sexiness you need to buy the right pair. Make sure that you select soft fabrics that do not ruin your sexy experience.

Why wearing HUNK² thongs?

This is why we, at HUNK², have created premium quality thongs for men. Their quality is unbeatable and once you start wearing them, you will never want to try anything else.

Our thong underwear is designed in the USA and manufactured with the finest Nylon and Polyester South American fabrics. We place no free tags for added comfort, use minimalistic branding, and enhanced pouches to bring up your sexy masculine body.

Ultimately: why would you REALLY wear a thong?

Wearing a thong is all about confidence. It’s all about feeling sexy.

Regardless of how masculine you consider yourself, wearing a thong or a g-string is one of the hottest things a guy can do!

Have you heard that only confident men wear pink?
That was past-century confident men.


Confident guys wear thongs!


Don’t you feel like shopping today?

If all you wanted was checking photos of hot models sporting a sexy thong, then check our gallery below before you leave.

And do not forget to share with friends your favorite photos!

Are you ready to let thongs for men add a splash of fun to your underwear drawer?

Now offering 3-day shipping on all US orders. Orders $50+ ship FREE!

HUNK2 Sexy Men's UNderwear

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