A man who wears HUNK² is:

A cultural hybrid man… constantly evolving and not defined by any labels

Is HUNK² a gay underwear brand?

“HUNK² is an inclusive brand designed with a cultural hybrid man in mind. Either racially, or through our life experiences, we identify with a hybrid always looking to transform beyond labels.”

What’s behind HUNK²’s collections?

HUNK² is a fashion-forward brand with an inclusive aesthetic inspired in our lifestyle and cultural diversity. Our collections are inspired in worldwide cultural trends: from vivid colors to prints, various textures, and always using the best  fabrics we guarantee that you wear unique, top-quality underwear.

Gay Underwear?Is there such a thing

HUNK² clearly knows what you want when you think of “gay underwear“. Only men like us could know what you want. We design for you thinking of what we also like. You want:


∙Fun, vivid colors
∙Cuts that make you look better
∙Fabrics that show a little what’s underneath
∙Obviously, sexy models wearing them to inspire you


Unfortunately, some gay underwear brands forget about something that is very important to us:


Yes, most gay men want to be sexy, but they do not want to wear flashy logos with “blow”, “nasty”, or “boy” spelled out at the waistline. This is why we created HUNK².

The HUNK² brand is not typical gay underwear, HUNK² is sexy underwear created for sexy, sophisticated, and classy gay men.


Be HUNK², wear confidence!


Our Brand: Style + Forward Fashion + Comfort

Gay underwear: The Most Common Features

ONE: The use of meshes that show the skin a lot.

While it’s a common thing to use mesh fabrics to make underwear breathable, a transparent mesh in the bulge or butt area can make your underwear be classified as underwear for gay men.

And we all know the reason: many gay men are obsessed with nicely worked-out, bubble butts. Certainly, nobody’s ever complained about it!

TWO:  Enhanced underwear cups.

Showing a big bulge would make any man feel proud and most underwear designers know it. We certainly know it and spent lots of time designing the right pouch shapes. It is key!

Gay men tend to be more conscious about it and prefer cups that enhance the looks in the frontal area.

THREE: Fun, vivid colors.

Gay men love to have fun with their underwear, and that’s the reason why  gay underwear brands prefer to go a little crazy with the colors, shapes, fabrics.

We communicate the purpose of each collection through fun prints! Most importantly, they all have a meaning and connect to communicate something about diversity and art! That’s what HUNK² is about.

FOUR: Low-rise underwear.

We have written a full post about low-rise underwear. And honestly, we are a little biased with this one. At Hunk² we LOVE low risers.

It’s mostly us, gay men, who want to show a little more skin and wear this sexy underwear cut. That’s why they made it into our count!

FIVE: Size!

There’s not much to explain here. Sexy underwear for gay men comes snug. Yes, even the most reserved ones who would never wear a jockstrap or a thong, can’t resist a good pair of sexy snug briefs.

Would you picture your straight neighbor wearing snug briefs? Mmmm, maybe not. That’s why small underwear is reason 5.

Gay Underwear Jocks
Thongs for men

These are the most obvious reasons anyone would think of. But when it comes to sexy gay underwear, the limits are not obvious.

The following are things that most of us don’t even think about:

Gay Underwear: The Least Obvious Reasons

SIX: Going on the kinky side: leather!

Yes, leather, period. No underwear made thinking of straight men has ever been made with leather. But it can be sexy if you dare to wear it!


SEVEN: a little more kinky/tacky(?): animal prints.

This one is kind of a joke, but there’s a 1% of gay men out there who dig “sexy” animal prints. Above all, this type of underwear would definitely be labeled as gay.]


EIGHT: Cock-ring underwear.

We didn’t know that existed, but there’s apparently a few hundred Google searches for those. Hence, that one would get the same label, yes.

NINE: One-sided underwear.

Some straight men would say a thong is gay underwear. This is not necessarily true. One-sided underwear is a step above. I would say any gay man would agree these ones would be labeled under this category. And a few of us would dare to wear it.


TEN: The winner: men’s lingerie.

We don’t have to say anything about this one, right? That’s a firm reason to be considered gay underwear. Seems like it is still worth to clarify that only a small % of gay men would go for men’s lingerie.