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Seems like reading a post in a men’s underwear blog could be a waste of time, but it can indeed affect your life more than you think while making you more conscious about your choices.

It turns out that talking about underwear is a taboo topic for some men. Since underwear is the last piece of clothing your partner takes off you in certain situations, we could say making sure you learn to choose the right underwear is rather an important topic.

You and I have something in common: we both like to work out, we both like to look good, and we both would like to impress someone.

We both have been in that situation in which after dating someone, maybe by the second or third date, you know it’s time to take the next step and you wonder what kind of underwear is appropriate to wear.

Yet, you are not very thoughtful about underwear, but I am! And this sexy mens underwear blog is here to disclose the best tips.

Should you wear regular white or black boxers? Or should you wear something smaller? how about the swimming trunks that you wear at the beach?

Don’t wanna look like grandpa, but don’t wanna look too metrosexual.

You want to look masculine, but not like a not very clean bro… should having clean underwear be all what matters? how about wearing men’s jockstraps? or thong underwear?


Choosing men’s underwear can be harder than it looks…


Now you start getting what I mean. Picking your underwear for certain situations can be harder than just shopping for basic, cheap underwear. This is why Hunk²’s mens underwear blog was created.

Going back to the original topic, when it comes to bed there’s one thousand things that matter. So many of them you can’t control…such as your performance.

Maybe you’re too tired? perhaps it’s not the right time.

However, it turns out that when it comes to being in bed with someone, there’s one thing that matters and you need to focus on that:




At HUNK² our tagline is Striking Confidence!. That’s all we work for, to make you feel more confident when you’re in underwear.

To feel confident in bed you need to not only have completed your CrossFit routines for the week, and counted your calories, and looked at yourself 1000 times in the mirror before leaving the house.

Furthermore, you need to wear underwear that makes you feel sexy.

Now, where should you start?

It all starts with you trying to shop for new underwear…


As someone who has experimented with many men’s underwear brands throughout the years, and as someone who works out every day and cares for his looks, I will give you 5 tips for you to keep in mind next time you shop for underwear:



The 5 Tips Every Sexy Man Should Know About Men’s Underwear:


Men’s Underwear Blog Tip 1:


Buying from mainstream underwear brands is not your best choice.

They design with a general public in mind, from your skinny neighbor to your grandfather. The underwear cuts and fabrics that big brands manufacture are not designed to make you look good and to enhance your body.

For example: many brands are not very thoughtful about the waist elastics they use and make them too tight, this means guys like you and me who spend so many hours at the gym end up with those little waist skin folds caused by the elastic, which resemble the so-hated muffin tops.

Online shopping from designer brands like HUNK² and others is a much better choice

What Makes HUNK² Men’s Underwear Experts


At HUNK², we decided to create this mens underwear blog to share our love for underwear and take your input to make our products better and better, and to only design underwear that will actually push your great looks a little further to make you look incredible.

Before you dive into other blog posts, please share this post with your friends using the sidebar or “Share This” buttons. Come on! Don’t deny them from having that upper hand next time they want to impress their special someone!

For suggestions regarding future blog posts please reach me at: I hope you enjoyed this and future blog entries.

And… don’t forget to check our store. There’s many designs that you will fall in love with.


Today, be sexy, be HUNK²!

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  1. Jason

    I could not resist saying your blog is awesome. Cool guide Hunk2. Love the designs and your models.

  2. Andrew

    I’m in love with Hunk2. It is definitely the nicest underwear, very sexy.

  3. JohnP

    Wow, the camouflage trunks really look cool. The print is not your regular camouflage, looks very modern. It’s almost summer in Australia and can’t wait to check your new collection!

  4. JC

    Awesome posts! I’m a fan of #5, love my meshes.

  5. Jack

    Thanks for the info. Very valuable.

  6. Brent

    Sexy dudes!

    • Anthony Baros

      I love these male models
      Hairy men , WOW.
      Great underwear.

  7. Giovanni

    I didn’t know low rise underwear is helpful to look more fit, actually I thought it was the opposite, I have to try that.

  8. Juan

    I prefer boxer briefs over regular briefs. They give you a cooler look.

  9. Wes

    I ordered the Apollo Smoke2 briefs and am very pleased with the quality of your underwear.

  10. Bill

    Do agree that wearing good underwear makes you feel more confident. It is often overlooked.

  11. Pat

    Great article and love the boxer briefs featured.

  12. Tadd

    Hot dudes and hot underwear. Need to get me some jocks.

  13. bebierly

    Extremely comfortable-almost like wearing nothing at all. I love the jockstraps and boxer briefs I’ve ordered. Excellent quality, sexy as hell, and they make you look and feel good. I can’t wait to get more!

  14. Ron

    Amazing newsletter. I just which you shared larger discount coupons. Beautiful quality underwear tho.

  15. Aaron

    Interesting blog content and tips.
    Loved my new pair of Cerise briefs and Vague jocks. Awesome quality, will buy more for sure.

  16. Chan

    My favorite brand! Very proud of my underwear drawer 🙂


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